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Denton Phlebotomy Classes

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in healthcare and enjoy working with patients, phlebotomy can be an excellent field to explore. Phlebotomy involves the collection of blood samples from patients for laboratory testing, making it a critical aspect of the healthcare industry.

In Denton, Texas, you can take phlebotomy classes in online and in-person formats for those looking to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career as a phlebotomist. These classes typically offer a comprehensive curriculum covering the fundamentals of phlebotomy, including blood collection techniques, safety protocols, and patient care, and help you to become a certified phlebotomist by preparing you for the necessary certification exams.

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Integrity Health & Education

Embarking on a fulfilling career path as a certified phlebotomist becomes attainable through the innovative Integrity Health & Education phlebotomy technician program. This unique offering seamlessly blends online lectures with hands-on clinical experiences, equipping you for the national certification exam administered by the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA). Let’s explore the distinct features and benefits this program offers:

In just 4 weeks, encompassing a 70-hour course, you’ll delve into the world of phlebotomy. Engage in online lectures on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm and hands-on clinicals on three consecutive Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm. The program culminates with the national exam, conveniently scheduled at the school on the following 4th Saturday.

This all-inclusive program covers every facet essential for launching your career as a phlebotomist. From providing necessary attire such as scrubs and comprehensive study materials to assisting with resume building and job placement, it ensures a holistic preparation. Moreover, a testing voucher is included, facilitating your AMCA national certification – recognized across all 50 states.

Delving into the crucial skills and knowledge imperative for the role, the program comprehensively covers venipuncture techniques, specimen handling, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and more. The practical application of these skills is emphasized through hands-on training on mannequins and active participation in group activities during clinicals.

The Integrity Health & Education phlebotomy technician program presents an ideal pathway for aspiring phlebotomists seeking a fast-track journey with minimal complexities. Securing your enrollment is feasible with an initial $450 deposit, setting you on the trajectory toward a fulfilling career in the healthcare sector.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration4 weeks
PrerequisitesHigh school diploma or GED
State issued ID & social security card
Immunization record & TB test
Background check
License EligibilityAMCA National Phlebotomy Exam
Class ScheduleOnline lectures: Tuesday 5:30pm – 9:00pm
In-person clinicals: Saturday 9am – 2pm
Location109 S Woodrow Lane Suite 500, Denton, TX 76205
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo

Phlebotomist Salaries in Denton

Phlebotomy salaries in Denton are pretty close to the national average, which is great news for those pursuing this career in the Denton area. In Denton, the average annual salary for a phlebotomist is roughly $39,940, which is slightly below the national average of about $40,580. So, you can expect to earn a competitive salary while working in Denton.

 # of PhlebotomistsHourly WageAnnual Salary
United States135,500 $  19.51 $   40,580
Texas13,150 $  17.81 $   37,040
Denton3,550 $  19.20 $   39,940

When we compare Denton’s salaries to the state average for Texas, they come out slightly ahead. The annual salary for phlebotomists in Texas is approximately $37,040, while in Denton, it’s around $39,940. This means that phlebotomists in Denton tend to earn a bit more than their counterparts in other parts of the state.

These differences in salaries can be attributed to various factors, including the cost of living in Denton, the demand for healthcare professionals, and the local job market. The good news is that if you’re interested in a career in phlebotomy and you’re considering working in Denton, you can expect to earn a competitive salary that’s on par with or slightly above the national and state averages.

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