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Dallas Phlebotomy Classes

Finding a reputable phlebotomy school with quality instruction can be time consuming and difficult – but it doesn’t have to be. We made it easy by consolidating information from all of the best phlebotomy programs in the Dallas metro area and what they offer students. So whether you’re just starting out or looking for a refresher course, we’ve got all the information you need to find a great phlebotomy class near you in Dallas!

Our list contains locations offering online phlebotomy classes in Dallas along with many other options including some that offer phlebotomy training in Dallas for free. Phlebotomy classes online are available through many providers but will usually include an in-person component before you can receive your certification. Availability may be limited – learn more!

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Methodist Community Collaborative (MCC) – Free Phlebotomy Classes

Phlebotomy at Methodist Community Collaborative (MCC) offers promising employment opportunities for aspiring phlebotomists. They encourage students to explore job openings on the Methodist Health System website, providing a direct link between their graduates and potential employers. Partners like Lap Corp, Carter Blood Care, Any Lab Test Now, Healthcare Clinics, and American Red Cross actively participate in this collaborative effort, supporting the success of MCC’s phlebotomy graduates.

Recently, MCC has joined forces with North Texas Collaborative and For Oak Cliff to provide free phlebotomy training in Dallas along with digital training to the community. This comprehensive program aims to equip students with essential skills such as Phlebotomy Training, Certification and Exam Prep, and Digital Literacy Training. Additionally, students receive a free laptop, hotspot, transportation assistance, child care, and a stipend, showcasing their commitment to addressing students’ diverse needs.

The upcoming cohort for Phlebotomy begins on September 5, 2023. Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 pm to 9 pm at For Oak Cliff. The program’s duration is from September 5th to November 30th, with a Thanksgiving break from November 19th to 26th. Students will undergo mandatory testing weeks from December 3rd to 17th, with a tentative graduation date set for Saturday, December 2, 2023.

Applying for this program is simple, as students can complete the Interest Form available on their website. Alternatively, interested candidates can download, print, and email the Phlebotomy Application. For further inquiries, students can reach out to Alyson Whitefield at 469-554-0242 or [email protected].

While this program offers enticing benefits and career prospects, prospective students should carefully consider their commitments and readiness to undertake evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The comprehensive support services, including child care and stipends, are commendable aspects of the program. However, individuals should ensure they can meet the application deadline of August 15, 2023, and attend the mandatory MCC Orientation on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, to secure their spot.

Phlebotomy at MCC presents a compelling opportunity for individuals seeking a career in this field. The partnership with For Oak Cliff and North Texas Collaborative offers a unique blend of training and support services. Aspiring phlebotomists looking for a comprehensive and community-focused program should consider applying for the upcoming cohort. However, due diligence in reviewing the program’s schedule and requirements is essential to make the most of this opportunity.

Program InformationDetails
Program DurationSeptember 5, 2023 – November 30, 2023
Class SchedulesTuesdays & Thursdays, 6 pm – 9 pm
Certification EligibilityYes
Location907 E. Ledbetter Drive, Dallas, TX 75216
Phone(214) 257-8603
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementPartner Employers available

Career Discover Academy

Career Discover Academy’s Phlebotomy Technician program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform lab draws, collect blood samples, transport specimens, and maintain laboratory safety. The program covers topics such as specimen collection, urinalysis, basic office bacteriology, hematology, chemistry, and quality control. Students will learn to perform venipuncture and capillary punctures, and be equipped with the knowledge to handle various safety and clinical equipment.

The program lasts a total of 6 weeks for a total of 90 clock hours, with morning (9 AM to 1 PM) and evening (5 PM to 9 PM) options available. Admission requirements include being at least 18 years old, having an 8th-grade education or preferably a high school diploma or its equivalent, furnishing a photo identification and social security card, and passing a criminal background check.

The program cost includes tuition, uniform, book, certification fee of $125.00, and 30 live sticks on campus or clinical sites. Career Discover Academy is a vendor to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS).

Program InformationDetails
Certification Fee$125
Program Duration6 weeks for a total of 90 clock hours
Class ScheduleTuesdays and Thursdays for either Morning classes (9AM-1PM) or Evening classes (5PM-9PM)
Admission RegistrationA $200 deposit is required at registration if payment plan is needed. The remaining balance can be made in payments up until graduation date.
Program Requirements18 years or older
8th grade education or preferably a high school diploma or its equivalent
Photo ID & social security card
Criminal background check
Location2636 Walnut Hill Ln #118, Dallas, TX 75229
Phone(214) 638-5409
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo

Integrity Health & Education – Online Classes

For those looking for online phlebotomy classes or who are located in the DFW northern suburbs, consider the Integrity Health & Education phlebotomy technician program in Denton. This program offers online classes and in-person clinicals to prepare you for the national exam with the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA). Here are some of the key advantages of this program:

  • You can finish the program in 4 weeks with only 70 hours of training. You will attend online class lectures on Tuesday nights from 5:30pm to 9:00pm and in-person clinicals on 3 Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. You will take the national exam at the school on the next Saturday.
  • You will receive everything you need to launch your career as a phlebotomist. You will get scrubs, books, BLS certification, resume assistance, and job placement assistance. You will also get a testing voucher to take the national exam with AMCA, which is valid in all 50 states.
  • You will acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge to work as a phlebotomist. You will learn about venipuncture techniques, specimen handling, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and more. You will also practice your skills on mannequins and join group activities during the clinicals. The Integrity Health & Education phlebotomy technician program is a great choice for anyone who wants to become a phlebotomist in a short time and with minimal hassle. You can secure your spot now for $450 down and begin your journey to a rewarding career in health care.
Program InformationDetails
Program Duration4 weeks
PrerequisitesHigh school diploma or GED
State issued ID & social security card
Immunization record & TB test
Background check
License EligibilityAMCA National Phlebotomy Exam
Class ScheduleOnline classes: Tuesday 5:30pm – 9:00pm
In-person clinicals: Saturday 9am – 2pm
Location109 S Woodrow Lane Suite 500, Denton, TX 76205
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo

Dare to Dream Academy – Online Classes

Dare to Dream Academy is our favorite online phlebotomy program in the Dallas area on our list. While you cannot complete 100% of the education requirements online, you can take advantage of their evening and day classes, as well as their online classes upon request. Their 6-week program is comprehensive and includes preparation for the national phlebotomy certification exam, which is included in the fee.

At $1,800 the total cost of the program is relatively high compared to other programs on our list. However the flexibility of their payment plans makes it an attractive option for those who want to get certified but are unable to pay upfront. Overall we recommend Dare to Dream Academy for anyone looking for online classes or in need of class schedule flexibility.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration6 weeks
Admission Requirements18 years of age
Location17304 Preston Road, Dallas, TX, 75252
Phone469-478-9354 | 214-951-5105
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo

Purpose Education

Purpose Education LLC is a faith-based, career college system offering valuable, relevant higher education courses in the healthcare, business and IT industries. Their Phlebotomy program teaches students blood collection methods, standard precautions, anatomy, medical terminology, infection control and other procedures necessary to safely collect laboratory specimens and communicate with patients.

The course is 7-12 weeks long and meets one day a week, Monday through Thursday, as well as Saturday. Tuition is $930, which includes registration fee of $100 and books & supplies of $130. Students can enroll in morning, afternoon or evening sessions to suit their schedule. The program provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable skills for career advancement.

The program is accredited and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges, Austin, Texas. Class space is limited and enrollment is open until the scheduled session is full. Day and times are subject to change; however students will be notified of any changes prior to course starting.

Program InformationDetails
Duration7-12 Weeks
ScheduleMonday-Thursday + Saturday (Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions Available)
Admission Requirements18 years of age
Location325 Pegasus St, Suite E 173, Dallas, TX 75238
Phone(214) 600-7877
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo

Dallas Career Institute

The Dallas Career Institute’s Phlebotomy Technician Program is an solid and relatively affordable program way to gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of phlebotomy. Conveniently located near I-635 on LBJ Freeway in North Dallas, the program offers students a comprehensive curriculum in the collection, transportation, and processing of specimens for clinical laboratory analyses.

The course duration is 6 weeks, with both morning (9AM to 1PM) and evening (5PM to 9PM) options available, which allows students to attend classes at their own pace. Furthermore, the course cost of $900 includes a uniform and book, with payment plans available for those who wish to spread out their payments until graduation.

Applicants must be 18 years or older and must provide proof of at least an 8th grade education or a high school diploma. They must also furnish a photo identification, social security card, and pass a criminal background check (applicants convicted of any felony drug-related crimes are not eligible for admission).

The Dallas Career Institute is an approved vendor to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) and The GI Bill for Veterans. In addition, the program provides a pathway to National Healthcare Association Certification ($117).

Program InformationDetails
Cost$900 (includes uniform and book)
Duration6 Weeks
Admission Requirements18 years or older, 8th grade education or equivalent, photo ID, social security card, criminal background check
Location9441 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75243
Phone(214) 691-0555
Fax(469) 480-1967
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo

TCI Dallas

The Phlebotomy Tech Program at TCI Dallas is designed to equip healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge required to become successful. The program lasts for 6 weeks and can be paid in full for a total cost of $795, or students can opt to make 3 payments of $140 plus an initial down payment of $300.

With personalized classroom instruction, and their professional development program, TCI Dallas strives to provide a cutting-edge learning environment for their students. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. With over 35 years of experience helping adults achieve their goals, TCI Dallas is the perfect place to begin your journey in healthcare!

Program InformationDetails
Cost$795 total, if paid in full
Payment option: $900 ($300 down and $140 for each additional payment)
Admission Requirements18 years of age
Program Duration6 weeks
Location3302 N. Buckner Blvd Ste. 116, Dallas, TX 75228
Phone(214) 275-9600
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo

Bash Career Institute

Bash Career Institute offers an excellent training program for those located in North Dallas and are interested in becoming certified phlebotomists. The program is five weeks long and requires 80 clock hours of study. It provides students with a comprehensive understanding of laboratory studies, communication instruction, specimen collection, urinalysis, basic office bacteriology, hematology, human relations, legal and chemistry. The school also provides flexibility for working adults and stay-at-home parents, with both evening and weekend classes available.

The requirements for admission to the program include being at least 18 years old, reading and writing English, speaking and understanding English, having a high school diploma or GED, and providing proof of birth certificate.

The 5 week timeline is appropriate as it allows students to fully learn phlebotomy without taking too much out of their schedules. The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and professional, and they make sure that each student succeeds in their training. Additionally, the school is conveniently located within a 15 minute drive from Dallas.

Program Information Details
CostInquire with program
Program Duration5 weeks, 80 clock hours
CertificationCertified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT)
Admission Requirements18 years of age
Read & Write English – Speak & Understand English
High School Diploma OR GED
Birth Certificate
Location13405 Floyd Circle #102 Dallas, TX, 75243
Phone972-863-7144 | 214-298-4641
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo

B&M Career Institute

The Phlebotomy Technician program at B&M Career Institute includes both book-based study and practical hands-on training. The course covers laboratory studies, communication instruction, specimen collection, urinalysis, hematology, basic office bacteriology, human relations, legal, and chemistry. It also covers safety, anatomy & physiology, venipuncture, use of lab equipment, and standard precautions.

The program is eligible for those with a high school diploma or GED and 18 years of age or older. It takes 5 weeks and 80 clock hours to complete.

The program does not disclose the total cost of the program, however, an application fee of $150 is required to apply for the program. For that reason, we cannot provide a comprehensive cost.

Program InformationDetails
CostInquire with program, $150 application fee
Program Duration5 weeks, 80 Clock Hours
Admission RequirementsHigh School Diploma
Location9550 Forest Ln Suite 515, Dallas, TX 75243
Phone(214) 859-4936
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo

Phlebotomist Salaries in Dallas

With 3,550 phlebotomists donning their lab coats and wielding their trusty needles, the Big D is buzzing with blood-drawing professionals. These skilled practitioners are earning an hourly wage of $19.20, yielding an annual salary of approximately $39,940. Dallas phlebotomists sure know how to keep their pockets full while keeping their patients’ veins intact.

But wait, y’all, we can’t forget the rest of the vast Texan landscape. Across the state of Texas, a staggering 13,150 phlebotomists are joining the bandwagon, strapping on their gloves, and getting down to business. These courageous phlebotomists are bringing home an average hourly wage of $17.81, corralling an annual salary of $37,040. They may not have the Dallas glitz and glamour, but they’re certainly making their mark in the great state of Texas.

Now, when we compare Dallas to the rest of the Texas cities, it’s clear that these Dallas phlebotomists are shooting for the stars. With a higher hourly wage and annual salary of $19.20 and $39,940 respectively, they’re making their mark on the phlebotomy scene. So whether you’re in Dallas or any other corner of Texas, these phlebotomists are out there, working their magic, ensuring blood flows smoothly and paychecks keep rolling in.

 # of PhlebotomistsHourly WageAnnual Salary
United States     135,500 $    19.51 $   40,580
Texas       13,150 $    17.81 $   37,040
Dallas          3,550 $    19.20 $   39,940

Other Texas Cities: