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Nashville Phlebotomy Classes

Are you looking for a phlebotomy program in Nashville? We have the perfect solution for you! Phlebotomy is an essential medical career that requires professionals to properly collect and analyze blood specimens. With our educational resources, not only can you become part of the healthcare team but also make meaningful contributions to people’s lives. Our selection includes both online and offline classes – so there will surely be something ideal just for your needs. Check out our list today and start on your way toward becoming certified now.

If you are wanting to become a certified phlebotomist, then refer to our list of phlebotomy programs in Nashville. We have thoroughly researched every available program within its borders and proudly present our top picks for those seeking their career dreams. Whether it be inside or outside the city limits, there’s sure to be something perfect for you as you review your options for phlebotomy classes near you. We’ve got options for hybrid online phlebotomy training in Nashville, as well as accelerated 3-6 week programs. Heck, we’ve even got some tips that might help you find free phlebotomy training in Nashville.

Don’t wait any longer – start taking strides towards making your aspirations into reality right now with one of these comprehensive phlebotomy training offered here in Nashville, TN.

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NGH School of Health Sciences

Created in 2022, the PTC Program is a community service that offers an educational program to teach phlebotomy techniques. Once students complete all PTC Program requirements, they will receive a certificate of completion.

The content of the curriculum is designed according to the content specifications of the Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) examination, which is conducted by the National Health career Association (NHA). Upon completion of the program, students are advised to take the certification exam to become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) and use those credentials after their name.

Program InformationDetails
Program Admission RequirementsHigh school or GED completion
Drug screening
Criminal background check
Immunizations (TB skin test, tdap immunization/booster, proof of 2 MMR immunizations, proof of 2 varicella immunizations, Hepatitis B, Flu Vaccine, COVID Vaccine)
CPR Certification
Program Length12 Weeks
Email[email protected]
Address181 Albion Street, Nashville, TN 37208
Phone(615) 341-4659
Job PlacementNo

Phlebotomy Training Specialists Nashville

Phlebotomy Training Specialists provides top-notch education for individuals seeking a fulfilling, thrilling, and empowering career path. Our course offers practical, hands-on training. Our classes are diverse, providing realistic training on a variety of veins from different types of people.

Our school has achieved one of the top passing rates for National Exams due to our passionate and well-trained instructors. Our course is accessible to all with monthly classes and flexible schedules. We offer upfront pricing without any hidden fees.

Program InformationDetails
Program Admission Requirements18 years or older
Proof of high school or GED completion
Program Length3-6 Weeks
Email[email protected]
Location2 International Plaza, Suite 108 Nashville, TN 37217
Phone(844) 264-4451
Job PlacementNo

Tennessee College of Applied Technology

This program teaches students how to collect blood samples using venipuncture and skin puncture techniques to help doctors diagnose and treat patients. It is a short-term program with hands-on clinical training that can lead to a career as a phlebotomist or serve as a pathway to other healthcare occupations, like Medical Assistant or Medical Laboratory Technician.

Program InformationDetails
Program Length4 Months
Program Admission RequirementsInquire With Provider
Email[email protected]
Location100 White Bridge Pike Nashville, TN 37209
Phone(615) 425-5554
Job PlacementYes

TN Professional Training Institute

The purpose of this course is to prepare phlebotomy students in Tennessee with the necessary knowledge and experience to become a skilled and employable phlebotomist according to state standards. TNPTI’s phlebotomy program offers a high-quality education, featuring small class sizes, expert instructors, and opportunities for externship hours to develop the required skills and understanding for this profession.

Program Length40 Hours of Classroom instruction plus 40 externship hours
Program Admission RequirementsBe 18 years or older, Have a high school degree or GED equivalent, Have a clear criminal record, Be willing and able to work with patients while giving the best patient care possible
Location1630 South Church Street, Suite 302 Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Phone(615) 631-8440
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementYes

Finding Free Phlebotomy Training in Nashville

Searching for cost-free phlebotomy classes in Nashville? Here’s a straightforward five-step plan to set you on the right track. First, start by researching local healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics, and inquire about any free training programs they might offer in exchange for future commitment. Next, explore community colleges and vocational schools in the area – they might have tuition-free or scholarship-based phlebotomy training. Third, connect with workforce development organizations to tap into government-sponsored initiatives or nonprofit programs that provide free training. Attend healthcare networking events to meet professionals who could have insider information on free training opportunities. Lastly, use online resources and forums to discover hidden gems of free phlebotomy training in Nashville.

With these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your journey to becoming a certified phlebotomist, all without breaking the bank.

Phlebotomist Salaries in Nashville

The hourly wage and annual salary for phlebotomists in Nashville are slightly higher than both the state and national averages. Phlebotomists in Nashville earn an hourly wage of $17.63, which exceeds the state average of $17.07 and the national average of $19.51. Similarly, their annual salary of $36,680 is higher than the state average of $35,500 and the national average of $40,580.

 # of PhlebotomistsHourly WageAnnual Salary
United States     135,500 $    19.51 $   40,580
Tennessee          3,280 $    17.07 $   35,500
Nashville          1,150 $    17.63 $   36,680

Factors That Influence Phlebotomy Pay in Nashville

Various factors may contribute to these variations in phlebotomy salaries in Nashville. Firstly, the local healthcare industry’s dynamics and demand for phlebotomy services could play a role. If the demand for phlebotomists in Nashville is relatively high, it can result in increased wages as employers compete for qualified professionals. Conversely, if the demand is lower or the supply of phlebotomists outweighs the demand, it may lead to lower salaries.

Another influencing factor is the cost of living in Nashville compared to the state and national averages. If the cost of living in Nashville is higher than the state or national average, it might contribute to the relatively higher salaries to align with the local living expenses. However, without specific data on the cost of living, it is challenging to make definitive conclusions.

Moreover, individual qualifications, experience, and certifications can impact phlebotomy salaries. Phlebotomists with advanced certifications, additional training, or extensive experience may command higher wages due to their enhanced skills and expertise.

In summary, phlebotomy salaries in Nashville, Tennessee, tend to be slightly higher than both the state and national averages. Factors such as local market dynamics, cost of living, and individual qualifications can influence these salary variations. It’s essential to note that individual circumstances, employer policies, and other market factors may further affect phlebotomy salaries within Nashville.