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Little Rock Phlebotomy Classes

Little Rock, Arkansas is a hub for healthcare education and training, and is a great location to start a phlebotomy program for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. Phlebotomy programs offer students the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required for the collection and analysis of blood specimens. Phlebotomy classes in Little Rock are typically short in duration and provide hands-on training to ensure graduates are fully prepared to work in a variety of healthcare settings. We will explore some of the phlebotomy programs available in Little Rock, their requirements, and what students can expect from the coursework.

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Arkansas College of Health Careers

Arkansas College of Health Careers (ACHC) is a physician owned College specializing in Allied Healthcare Professions. They are the only school of their kind in which courses are taught by current practicing physicians in a small personalized setting. They offer small class sizes, which allow for individual time with instructors. The instructors have educational credentials that are enhanced by work experience. Tutors available with no additional fees.

They offer morning and evening classes, as well as hybrid instruction. The morning classes are 10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and the evening classes are 5:45 p.m. – 9:45 p.m. There is also an in-house scholarship to anyone who needs tuition assistance. Externships, which offer on-the-job training is available for all programs. Career and Job Placement services provided. Students must be 18 years old or parental consent required for admission. High School Diploma or GED required for most programs.

ACHC offers a five-week Phlebotomy Technician Program. Hybrid classes are offered for both morning & evening sessions. The is a comprehensive training course providing instruction in the knowledge & skills necessary to become a successful Nationally Certified Phlebotomy Technician. Instruction includes:

  • Venipuncture techniques – Blood draws from patients and blood donors
  • Capillary punctures
  • Infection controls
  • Blood collection methods
  • Lab Safety
  • Order of Draw
  • Point of Care Testing
  • Preparing blood, urine & other specimens for testing
  • Phlebotomy Terminology
  • Basic knowledge in communication, Hematology, bacteriology, and human relations

At the end of the five-weeks, each student will take an exam through the National Healthcareers Association to receive their license as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician. Currently Arkansas College of Health Careers is 25% above the national average with their passing rate. In-house scholarships available; Arkansas Workforce Services, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services and Payment Plans available to all students.

Program InformationDetails
PriceUndisclosed – Call for more information
Fees includedTuition, books, scrubs, lab fees, supplies, certification exam and licenses for two years
Program Duration5 weeks
Class ScheduleMorning Classes: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Evening Classes: 5:45pm – 9:45pm
Admission RequirementsHigh School Diploma or GED
Certification EligibilityNational Healthcareers Association
Address9714 West Markham St, Little Rock, AR 72205
Email address[email protected]
Job PlacementAs requested

Phlebotomy Training Specialists

Phlebotomy Training Specialists provides a Phlebotomy Program that includes 48 hours of in-class training, bookwork, intensive hands-on training, and practical examination. Upon completion of the program, students can choose to challenge the National Exam, which certifies them to work as a Certified Phlebotomist anywhere in the country. The total tuition and fees for the program amount to $995, which includes a non-refundable deposit of $100 required to secure a seat in the class of choice. Flexible payment options are available upon request.

PTS offers Daytime, Evening, and Weekend classes to accommodate students’ schedules. The course duration spans three weeks for Daytime and Evening classes, with classes being held Monday-Thursday. For Weekend classes, the duration spans six weeks with classes being held on Saturdays.

Students must be 18 years or older and do not require any previous experience to enroll in the program. After completion of the program, students can take advantage of PTS’s “Student for Life” policy, where they are welcomed back to the classroom to brush up on skills, review material, and perform additional blood draws. Some states, such as California, Nevada, Louisiana, and Washington, have additional licensing requirements for phlebotomists, and this program may not meet those requirements if you ever plan on moving to one of those states.

Phlebotomy Training Specialists provides a comprehensive yet flexible program that allows students to become Certified Phlebotomists in a short period. The program is affordable, and PTS offers flexible payment options. The “Student for Life” policy is an added bonus, providing graduates with opportunities to hone their skills and knowledge in the future.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration3 – 6 weeks
Class SchedulesMorning Classes: Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm
Evening Classes: Monday-Thursday 6pm-10pm
Weekend Classes: Saturdays 8am-4:30pm
Prerequisites18 years old
Certification EligibilityNational Phlebotomy Exam
Location11219 Financial Centre Parkway, Suite 311, Little Rock AR 72202
Job PlacementNo

Phlebotomist Salaries in Little Rock

Phlebotomy salaries in Little Rock are a bit above the state average in Arkansas. In Little Rock, the annual salary for phlebotomists is around $35,110, which surpasses the Arkansas state average of approximately $34,150. This suggests that if you choose to work as a phlebotomist in Little Rock, you can expect to earn a slightly better income compared to the average for the state.

# of PhlebotomistsHourly WageAnnual Salary
United States 135,500 $19.51 $40,580
Arkansas 1,020 $16.42 $34,150
Little Rock 390 $16.88 $35,110

However, when we compare Little Rock’s salaries to the national average, they still fall slightly short. Phlebotomists in Little Rock earn around $35,110 annually, while the national average is about $40,580.

Free Phlebotomy Training in Little Rock

Arkansas College of Health Careers offers a needs-based scholarship which means free phlebotomy classes in Little Rock for those who qualify. If that’s not an option, you’ve got a couple of options to explore:

1. Workforce Development Programs: Check with your local workforce development agency in Little Rock. These programs often offer free or subsidized training for in-demand healthcare careers, including phlebotomy. They are designed to help individuals gain the skills they need to enter the workforce without a hefty price tag. It’s a win-win because you get trained, and employers get a skilled workforce.

2. Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals: Some healthcare facilities, particularly larger hospitals, offer free phlebotomy training programs with the condition that you commit to working for them for a specified period after completing your training. They invest in your education, and in return, you contribute to their team as a trained phlebotomist. It’s a great way to get certified without upfront tuition costs.

Remember, while these options can provide cost-free training, they often come with certain commitments. Make sure you’re ready to fulfill any obligations like working for the sponsoring employer for a set period.