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Richmond Phlebotomy Classes

Phlebotomy training is an important step towards a career in healthcare. As you research programs in the Richmond area ensure that the phlebotomy program you choose is accredited by a recognized accrediting body. Accreditation ensures that the program meets certain educational standards. A phlebotomy career offers opportunities in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories, and blood donation centers. Phlebotomists are an essential part of the healthcare team, helping with patient diagnosis and treatment. Some key aspects to phlebotomy training are:

  1. Venipuncture: This is the core skill for phlebotomists. You will learn how to safely and effectively insert a needle into a patient’s vein to collect blood samples. This involves techniques to locate veins, choosing the right needle size, and minimizing patient discomfort.

  2. Specimen Handling: Proper handling of blood specimens is crucial to maintain sample integrity and ensure accurate test results. You will learn how to label, transport, and store blood samples following industry standards and safety protocols.

  3. Record-keeping: Accurate record-keeping is essential in healthcare. You will be trained in documenting patient information, test orders, and results accurately and securely. This includes both paper and electronic record-keeping systems.

  4. Healthcare Profession: You’ll gain an understanding of the healthcare industry, its ethical considerations, and the importance of patient confidentiality and professionalism. This includes knowledge of patient rights and consent.

  5. Clinical Experience: Clinical hours are a significant part of your training. During these hours, you will have the opportunity to practice your skills under supervision in real healthcare settings. This practical experience is crucial for building confidence and competence.

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AlliedRX Institute of Healthcare

Allied offers daytime phlebotomy programs in Richmond, which is designed to get students ready to pass the NHA  Certified Phlebotomy Technician Board Certification. These phlebotomy classes in Richmond, VA offer comprehensive training and certification preparation for individuals interested in pursuing a career in phlebotomy. Classes cover all aspects of phlebotomy, including blood collection techniques and sample handling. Whether someone is a recent high school graduate or looking to expand their healthcare knowledge, courses are designed to accommodate individuals with various skill levels. The program prepares students for the NHA Phlebotomy Technician Certification Exam, ensuring they have the necessary credentials for a successful career in phlebotomy. Skilled teachers with knowledge in phlebotomy provide hands-on training and guidance throughout the learning journey. With scheduling flexibility, both full-time and part-time courses, allowing students to choose schedules that fit their needs.

Overall, Allied’s phlebotomy classes in Richmond, VA are committed to providing a well-rounded education and preparing students for a rewarding career in healthcare. This information can be helpful for individuals interested in pursuing phlebotomy training in the Richmond area.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration12 Weeks
Class SchedulesIn-person and hybrid online phlebotomy classes, Weekly on Wednesdays
Certification EligibilityYes
Location2105 E Parham Rd #108, Richmond, VA 23228
Phone(866) 348-6920
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementYes

Community College Workforce Alliance

Community College Workforce Alliance offers healthcare certification programs that can lead to in-demand job opportunities in various healthcare settings, including phlebotomy courses. Healthcare certifications can be a valuable pathway for individuals looking to start a career in healthcare without the need for a lengthy educational commitment. Candidates only need a high school diploma as a prerequisite. CCWA has flexibility in training hours is advantageous, as it allows students to balance their certification courses with other commitments like work or family responsibilities. This flexibility can make it easier for individuals to pursue healthcare careers. Partnering with healthcare facilities like HCA, CVS, and others provides students with a direct pathway to potential job opportunities after completing their certification programs.

Program InformationDetails
Cost$Inquire with provider
Program Duration6 Weeks
Class SchedulesVary
PrerequisitesHigh School Diploma
Certification EligibilityYes
Location1651 E Parham Rd
Phone(804) 523-2292
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementYes

National Performance Specialists

NPS provides phlebotomy training for those looking to become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician in Richmond. The training program is between 40-80 classroom hours and up to 40 clinical training hours. Students will learn key basics of phlebotomy including evaluating patients, explaining procedures, drawing blood, preparing blood for examination and proper work area maintenance.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration40-80 classroom hours, 20-40 clinical hours
Class SchedulesVary
PrerequisitesHigh school diploma, Over the age of 18, Valid ID documents, Immunization records, clean backround check
Certification EligibilityYes
Location1717 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 1025
Washington D.C. 20006 (National Headquarters)
Phone(866) 319-7052
Job PlacementNo

Medical Educators, LLC

Medical Educators provides affordable phlebotomy programs for students in the Richmond metropolitan area. Since 2009, Medical Educators offers top phlebotomy instruction and helped students obtain jobs in hospitals and healthcare facilities in Virginia. Medical Educators is certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, offering very small class sizes and a favorable instructor-to-student ratio. Once students pass, they are eligible to take the Certification Exam for Phlebotomy and obtain the designation as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician. Medical Educators is proud to have a 100% pass rate on Phlebotomy certification exams.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration5 Weeks
Class SchedulesWeekly, During Daytime
PrerequisitesClean backround check
Certification EligibilityYes
Location4904 Millridge Pkway, Midlothian, VA 23112
Phone(804) 539-0303
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementYes

Phlebotomist Salaries in Richmond

Nationally, there are 135,500 phlebotomists, and the average hourly wage for them across the United States is about $19.51. This translates to an annual salary of approximately $40,580. These figures give us a basis for understanding how salaries in other regions stack up.

 # of PhlebotomistsHourly WageAnnual Salary
United States135,500 $  19.51 $   40,580
Virginia3,130 $  19.45 $   40,460
Richmond710 $  19.55 $   40,670

Now, when we focus on the state of Virginia, we find that there are 3,130 phlebotomists in the state. The average hourly wage for phlebotomists in Virginia is quite close to the national average, at $19.45. Consequently, the annual salary for phlebotomists in Virginia comes out to be around $40,460, which is also quite similar to the national figure.

Let’s zoom in on Richmond. In this city, there are 710 phlebotomists, and the average hourly wage for them is $19.55. This wage slightly surpasses both the national and state averages. As a result, the annual salary for phlebotomists in Richmond is approximately $40,670.

So, what does this data tell us about phlebotomy salaries in Richmond? It shows that phlebotomists in Richmond are earning slightly more compared to their colleagues in Virginia and the national average. While the differences in salaries may seem relatively small, they can still be meaningful, especially when considering the cost of living in different areas.

While the national average annual salary for phlebotomists is about $40,580, those in Richmond are making approximately $40,670. This indicates that Richmond is a favorable location for phlebotomists in Virginia, offering a slightly higher income compared to both the state and national benchmarks.

Free Phlebotomy Training in Richmond

Aspiring phlebotomists who are looking for training options, including free classes, scholarships, grants, or other financial assistance, should ask training providers a series of questions to explore their options and make informed decisions. Here are some key questions to consider:

  1. Do You Offer Free Phlebotomy Classes?
    • Start by asking directly whether the training provider offers free phlebotomy classes. Some organizations or schools may provide free training to individuals who meet specific criteria.
  2. What Are the Total Costs and Fees?
    • Inquire about the total costs associated with the training program, including tuition, registration fees, and any required materials or textbooks. Understanding the full cost is essential for financial planning.
  3. Do You Offer Scholarships or Financial Aid?
    • Ask if the training provider has scholarship programs or financial aid options available. Many schools and organizations offer scholarships to help cover tuition costs.
  4. Are There Any Grants or Government Assistance Programs?
    • Inquire whether the training provider is associated with any grants or government assistance programs that can help reduce or cover the training expenses.
  5. What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships and Grants?
    • If scholarships or grants are available, ask about the eligibility criteria. Find out if there are academic, financial need, or other requirements that applicants must meet.