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Orlando Phlebotomy Classes

Welcome to your go-to resource for uncovering the top phlebotomy programs in Orlando, Florida. We’ve done the heavy lifting by thoroughly researching and reviewing a range of phlebotomy class providers providers, including free and online class options. If you’re considering a career in phlebotomy, choosing the right program is helpful for long-term success. Factors like curriculum quality, faculty expertise, hands-on training, and job placement support all play a crucial role. Our guide aims to simplify this process, giving you the insights you need to confidently take the next step in your phlebotomy journey.

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Phlebotomy Orlando Online

Phlebotomy Orlando Online offers a unique blend of convenience and affordability for aspiring phlebotomists. What sets this program apart is its provision of online phlebotomy classes, making it a flexible and accessible choice for individuals with various schedules.

The program presents a balanced approach, catering to both in-class and online learners. Regardless of the chosen format, students are required to attend hands-on training sessions for practical experience. This practical component ensures that students are well-prepared to execute blood collection techniques competently.

The program also stands out with a relatively low cost of $650, which does not compromise on the value delivered. The program encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, covering essential skills such as venipuncture, lab practices, and proper handling of phlebotomy supplies.

This program’s accreditation and recognition by the state of Florida enhance its credibility. Successful completion of the program and obtaining the phlebotomy certification renders students eligible to take the state exam (NPCE) to acquire their license.

Flexibility is a key theme throughout the program. With a duration of four weeks, the program offers an array of scheduling options. The in-class schedule is structured to accommodate various preferences: the first week involves in-class sessions, the second week focuses on online learning, and the third week reverts to in-class sessions, followed by an exam in the fourth week. Even for the online program, students must attend in-class weeks for essential hands-on training.

The program’s objective extends beyond certification; it endeavors to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for immediate employment. Graduates are positioned for roles in laboratories, medical offices, and even as travel phlebotomists.

The Phlebotomy Orlando Online’s Phlebotomy Program stands as a reliable and convenient option for those looking to enter the medical field. With its blend of online and in-class learning, affordability, and hands-on training, it offers a pragmatic and comprehensive pathway to becoming a certified phlebotomy technician.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration4 weeks
Class SchedulesIn-class and online class options
Certification EligibilityEligible for National Certified Phlebotomy Technician License upon completion
Location750 S Orange Blossom Trail Suite 205, Orlando FL, 32805
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo
Online Classes?Yes, online phlebotomy classes available
Free Classes?No

Lake Technical College

The Lake Technical College Phlebotomy Program is a part-time evening curriculum held at the main campus, aimed at equipping students with essential skills to operate as proficient phlebotomists. This 165-hour program focuses on imparting safe and efficient blood specimen collection techniques, maintaining specimen integrity, preparing samples, labeling with precision, and prioritizing patient comfort and well-being during the collection process.

Admission into the Phlebotomy program entails fulfilling a few key requirements. Prospective students need to complete an online application, exhibit good moral character, and meet the essential physical and emotional prerequisites. The program prioritizes molding individuals who display a commitment to the healthcare field.

The program stands out due to its strong emphasis on practical training and real-world applicability. Students are provided with an opportunity to hone their skills using advanced training tools, notably cutting-edge training arms. These arms enable students to gain hands-on experience in diverse blood collection techniques, fostering both skill development and confidence.

Lake Technical College boasts experienced instructors, who bring their real-world healthcare experience into the classroom. This facilitates the seamless integration of theoretical knowledge with practical insights, ensuring that students are well-prepared to handle the challenges and responsibilities of a phlebotomist.

The curriculum encompasses a range of subjects, from basic healthcare worker knowledge to specialized phlebotomy techniques. Students are exposed to topics like legal and ethical responsibilities, emergency response, infection control, and communication skills. The intensive coursework equips students with the capabilities needed to execute venipuncture, practice safety and infection control, communicate with patients, and adhere to ethical standards.

Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the National Healthcare Association (NHA) Phlebotomy Certification exam, enabling them to become Certified Phlebotomy Technicians (CPTs). The program offers a practical pathway to either initiate a career as a phlebotomist or enhance the skill set of existing healthcare workers.

Lake Technical College’s Phlebotomy Program stands as a concise yet comprehensive route to becoming a skilled phlebotomist. With its practical focus, experienced instructors, and emphasis on real-world applicability, this program offers students a solid foundation for a successful career in the healthcare sector.

Program InformationDetails
Cost$475.20 plus books and fees
Program Duration165 hours, part-time, evening program
Class SchedulesMonday-Wednesday, 5:00p-9:00p, and clinical observation hours
PrerequisitesCompletion of LTC online application, good moral character, essential physical and emotional requirements
Certification EligibilityEligible to sit for the NHA Phlebotomy Certification exam upon completion
Location2001 Kurt Street, Eustis, FL 32726
Phone(352) 589-2250
Email[email protected]
WebsiteLake Technical College – Phlebotomy Program
Job PlacementNo
Online Classes?No
Free Classes?No

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology offers an intensive Phlebotomy Technician Diploma program tailored for students in the Orlando area who aspire to become proficient phlebotomists. This 11-week curriculum delves deep into the essential subjects and procedures that are fundamental in the role of a phlebotomist within the healthcare landscape.

Upon successfully completing this program, students emerge well-prepared to execute the critical responsibilities of a phlebotomist, which encompass the collection of bodily fluids, meticulous sample preparation for testing, conducting tests, and effectively communicating results to healthcare teams.

The curriculum is structured to provide a complete understanding of various areas, including health career core knowledge, blood draw procedures, venipuncture techniques, bodily fluid handling, patient monitoring, and the accurate documentation and reporting of procedures and results. These competencies are vital for graduates as they embark on their careers in diverse healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, and testing facilities.

One standout feature of this program is its dedicated team of experienced instructors. These instructors bring years of real-world healthcare experience to the classroom, enriching the educational experience with practical insights. This bridge between theory and practice is invaluable, enabling students to apply their knowledge effectively in real healthcare scenarios. Additionally, it grants students a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges inherent in healthcare careers.

To facilitate skill development and build student confidence, the program incorporates cutting-edge training arms. These arms allow students to practice standard and specialized blood draws and other essential procedures they will encounter throughout their careers.

Moreover, the institution prides itself on its supportive staff. The commitment of both faculty and staff to student success extends beyond the classroom. Cambridge offers one-on-one support during educational programs, career guidance, and a wealth of resources to help students navigate their educational journey and career aspirations. This holistic approach ensures that students receive the guidance and assistance they need to excel.

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Phlebotomy Technician Diploma program in Orlando stands as a comprehensive and hands-on pathway to becoming a skilled phlebotomist. With experienced instructors, practical training, and unwavering support, students are well-prepared to embark on a successful career in the healthcare sector. If you are considering a healthcare career and aspire to become a phlebotomist, this program could be an excellent choice to kickstart your journey.

Program InformationDetails
CostNot specified
Program Duration11 weeks
Class SchedulesFull-time program
PrerequisitesContact institution for prerequisites
Certification EligibilityUpon program completion
Location460 E Altamonte Drive, 3rd Floor, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Phone(407) 265-8383
WebsiteCambridge College – Phlebotomy Technician Diploma
Job PlacementNo
Online Classes?No
Free Classes?No


The Phlebotomy Diploma Program at Concorde in Orlando, FL covers the spectrum of skills necessary for entry-level employment in hospitals, laboratories, blood centers, and other healthcare facilities. With options for both in-class and online learning, Concorde stands out by providing flexibility without compromising hands-on training, a critical component of phlebotomy education. This dynamic approach aligns with modern needs and ensures you’re ready for the field.

Upon graduation, you’re eligible to take national certification exams through organizations like the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) and the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). The school even covers the first attempt exam fee for the AMCA exam, exemplifying their commitment to your success.

The curriculum delves deep into phlebotomy techniques, procedures, and safety protocols. You’ll gain expertise in venipuncture, capillary punctures, and proper handling of samples for processing. The program’s compact 8-week timeline, with classes held on-campus twice a week, allows you to balance learning with other commitments.

The Orlando campus offers a supportive environment, focusing on helping you build a strong foundation for a healthcare career. For those seeking further growth, Concorde offers a seamless pathway to their Medical Assistant diploma program. This opportunity enables you to apply your phlebotomy diploma tuition towards the full tuition of the Medical Assistant program, enhancing your skill set and career prospects.

While this program doesn’t qualify for federal financial aid or VA programs, Concorde’s focus on practical skills, certification, and career progression makes it an attractive option for those aiming to enter the healthcare field swiftly and competently.

Program InformationDetails
CostNot specified
Program Duration8 weeks – 5.5 credit hours, 40 lab hours
Class SchedulesOn-campus, 2 days a week:
Mondays 9am-1pm
Wednesday 9am-1pm
PrerequisitesNone specified
Certification EligibilityYes (AMCA and NHA exams)
Location3444 McCrory Place, Orlando, Florida 32803
Phone(407) 502-6374
WebsiteConcorde Orlando – Phlebotomy Program
Job PlacementNot specified
Online Classes?No
Free Classes?No

Northwest Phlebotomy School

The Northwest Phlebotomy School offers a variety of class options, including a Phlebotomy Course and an IV Certification Class, each catering to different aspects of the profession. The Phlebotomy Course stands out for its two or three-day format, incorporating both lectures and hands-on lab work. This approach ensures students develop a strong foundation in venipuncture techniques, anatomy and physiology, patient demographics considerations, and safety protocols. A notable emphasis is placed on preventing needlestick injuries and the transmission of bloodborne pathogens, crucial aspects of maintaining a safe work environment. The class culminates with a practical exam to assess students’ proficiency.

For those seeking more advanced skills, the IV Certification Class provides a four-hour workshop focusing on IV catheter placement and related techniques. Prior completion of the phlebotomy certification course or equivalent medical education is required to enroll in this program. This prerequisite ensures that students have a solid understanding of basic anatomy and physiology before delving into intravenous procedures.

The Phlebotomy Course is offered on various dates throughout the year, and includes daytime and evening classes. The cost of $675 for the course appears reasonable, especially considering the condensed nature of the program.

With small class sizes, the school ensures that each student receives one-on-one attention tailored to their individual needs and experience levels. This approach is particularly beneficial for hands-on skills development, as ample time is dedicated to lab sessions where students become acquainted with various equipment and procedures. The instructors, experienced healthcare professionals, create a supportive and engaging classroom environment, blending serious learning with a touch of comfort and fun.

The school’s curriculum holds approval from the National Registry of Allied Health Professionals (NRAHP), an organization that sets standards for healthcare education. This endorsement reflects the school’s dedication to maintaining a high level of education and proficiency among its students.

College credit is not offered by the Northwest Phlebotomy School, so if you plan to attend any type of college in the future they may not recognize the training. However, the quick training approach resonates well with individuals seeking a quicker and more cost-effective path to becoming a certified phlebotomist, particularly when compared to traditional college courses that might span several months.

The Northwest Phlebotomy School’s Phlebotomy Program offers a concise, skill-focused, and hands-on approach to training future phlebotomists. The program’s flexible scheduling, small class sizes, and emphasis on practical skills make it an attractive option for individuals seeking a swift and effective entry into the field.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration2-3 days (Phlebotomy Course)
4 hours (IV Certification Class)
Class Schedules10:00 am – 3:00 pm
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
PrerequisitesHigh school diploma, GED, or equivalent
Completion of phlebotomy certification course for IV Certification Class
Certification EligibilityEligible for certification upon program completion
Location20 N Orange Ave 11th Floor Suite 1100, Orlando, FL 32801
WebsiteNorthwest Phlebotomy School
Job PlacementNo
Online Classes?No
Free Classes?No

Other Florida Cities

If you’re looking for other phlebotomy classes in Florida, you can find more information on our dedicated pages in the following cities.

Phlebotomist Salaries in Orlando

Phlebotomy salaries in Orlando, Florida, appear to be below both the national and state averages. Here’s an explanation of how they stack up and potential reasons for being below average:

  • National Average: The national average hourly wage for phlebotomists is $19.51, resulting in an annual salary of $40,580.
  • Florida Average: In the state of Florida, phlebotomists earn an average hourly wage of $18.07, translating to an annual salary of $37,580. This is slightly below the national average, which could be due to various factors, including the overall cost of living in Florida.
  • Orlando Specifics: Within Florida, Orlando stands out with an even lower average hourly wage of $17.82, leading to an annual salary of $37,060 for phlebotomists. This places Orlando’s phlebotomy salaries slightly below both the national and state averages.
 # of PhlebotomistsHourly WageAnnual Salary
United States135,500 $  19.51 $   40,580
Florida8,510 $  18.07 $   37,580
Orlando1,230 $  17.82 $   37,060

Why are salaries lower in Orlando?

  1. Cost of Living: Orlando, like many major cities, may have a lower cost of living compared to the national average. While this can be beneficial for residents in terms of expenses, it can also influence wage levels, including those for healthcare professionals like phlebotomists.
  2. Local Job Market: The demand for phlebotomists in Orlando may not be as high as in other areas, impacting salary levels. Job availability and competition within the healthcare sector can influence compensation.
  3. Education and Experience: The qualifications and experience of phlebotomists in the region may vary. Those with more education, certifications, or experience may command higher salaries, while entry-level positions could offer lower pay.
  4. Healthcare Facilities: The types of healthcare facilities in the area can affect salaries. Orlando’s healthcare landscape, including the presence of major hospitals and healthcare systems, can influence pay rates.
  5. State Regulations: State-specific regulations and policies can also impact wages. Florida’s labor laws and healthcare policies may contribute to the salary levels for phlebotomists in the state.

How to Find Free Phlebotomy Training in Orlando

If you’re looking for phlebotomy scholarships in Orlando, consider exploring the following sources and avenues:

  1. Community Colleges and Vocational Schools: Start by checking with local community colleges and vocational schools that offer phlebotomy training programs. These institutions often have information on scholarships, grants, or financial aid options specifically tailored to their students. Contact their financial aid offices or program coordinators for details.
  2. Healthcare Facilities and Employers: Some healthcare facilities, hospitals, or clinics in Orlando may offer scholarships or tuition reimbursement programs to individuals interested in pursuing phlebotomy careers. Contact local healthcare employers or HR departments to inquire about any available opportunities.
  3. Professional Associations: Professional organizations related to phlebotomy and healthcare, such as the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT) or the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), may offer scholarships or educational grants to aspiring phlebotomists. Explore their websites or reach out to them for information.
  4. Local Foundations and Charities: Look for local charitable foundations, nonprofit organizations, or community-based groups in the Orlando area that support education and healthcare initiatives. Some of these organizations may provide scholarships for healthcare training, including phlebotomy.
  5. Online Scholarship Databases: Utilize online scholarship databases and search engines, such as Fastweb,, or College Board’s Scholarship Search. While these platforms primarily list national scholarships, you can customize your search to include location-specific criteria, such as Orlando or Florida.
  6. Financial Aid Office: If you plan to enroll in a phlebotomy program at a college or vocational school in Orlando, contact their financial aid office. They can provide information on federal and state financial aid programs, grants, and scholarships that you may qualify for.
  7. Local Hospitals and Laboratories: Reach out to local hospitals, medical laboratories, and healthcare organizations in Orlando. Some of them may offer tuition assistance or scholarship opportunities for individuals interested in phlebotomy training, especially if there’s a workforce shortage in the area.
  8. Online Research: Conduct online research using search terms like “Orlando phlebotomy scholarships” or “Florida healthcare training scholarships.” Explore websites of educational institutions, healthcare providers, and local foundations that might list available scholarships.