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Riverside Phlebotomy Classes

There are several quality and affordable phlebotomy classes in Riverside, California. When searching for the right program, it’s essential to take into account the certification, infection control, patient communication, emergency procedures, continuing education, job placement assistance, cost, and schedule to make an informed decision that best aligns with your career goals and needs. When searching for a quality program, check with local community colleges, vocational schools, and technical institutes in Riverside. Many of these institutions offer phlebotomy training programs. You may also reach out to local hospitals and medical clinics. They may offer training programs or be able to provide information on where to find reputable phlebotomy classes.

It is also critical to ensure that the program you choose meets the certification requirements of the state of California, as phlebotomists are often required to be certified. Some websites provide databases of certified phlebotomy training programs, such as the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) or the National Phlebotomy Association. Remember to research and compare different options to find a program that suits your needs in terms of location, cost, and scheduling. Additionally, make sure the program is accredited and meets the state’s requirements for phlebotomy certification.

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Mission Career College

Mission Career College offers a 4 week phlebotomy training program. The program covers a range of topics, including lectures, conferences, and clinical experiences. These components are likely designed to provide students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for phlebotomy. The program lasts for 4 weeks and comprises 89 clock hours, equivalent to 6.2 credit units.

Successful completion of the program will allow students to sit for the National Phlebotomy Certification (NHA) examination and obtain State of California Licensure. Certification and licensure are important as they demonstrate that the individual has met specific standards and requirements for the practice of phlebotomy.

Overall, this program prepares students to become skilled Phlebotomy Technicians who can contribute to the healthcare industry by ensuring the proper collection of blood samples for diagnostic purposes while adhering to the necessary safety and ethical standards.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration4 Weeks
Class SchedulesIn Person
PrerequisitesHigh school diploma or GED, official transcripts
Certification EligibilityYes
Location9731 Magnolia Ave Riverside, CA 92503
Phone(951) 688-7411
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementYes

California Phlebotomy School

The California Phlebotomy School is designed to prepare students for excel in the healthcare field. Students will be ready to take and pass the National Exam. The California Phlebotomy School requires students to take 40 hours work lecture and classwork, in addition to a 40-hour externship. Course content includes important learning points of venipuncture, blood, test tube usage, HIPPA regulations, and patient rights. The school also teaches students best practices for obtaining a job as a phlebotomist, including job interviewing and seeking out job opportunities.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration40 Hours Classroom, 40 Hours Externship
Class SchedulesIn Person
PrerequisitesHigh School Diploma
Certification EligibilityYes
Location26413 Jefferson Ave, Ste. G Murrieta, CA 92562
Phone(951) 326-9992
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementYes

U.S. Colleges Phlebotomy Training Program

The U.S. Colleges Phlebotomy Technician Program provides a 16-week program to prepare students to enter the workforce as a phlebotomist. Students will undergo classroom and lab training, as well as a 40-hour externship to gain hands-on experience. Students will learn about all aspects of becoming a phlebotomy technician, including patient identification, preparation of skin, blood specimen collection, post-puncture care, need disposal, patient communication, specimen processing, and transportation. Successful candidates will be eligible to take the national exam, which is managed by the California Department of Public Health. U.S Colleges is accredited by the Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education and the California Department of Public Health.

Program InformationDetails
CostInquire with provider
Program Duration16 Weeks
Class SchedulesDay, evening and weekend options
PrerequisitesInquire with provider
Certification EligibilityYes
Location2023 Chicago Ave. Suite B-5, Riverside, CA 92507
Phone(951) 784-1644
Job PlacementYes

Free Phlebotomy Courses? Online Programs?

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of online phlebotomy programs and some tips to find scholarships or obtain employer reimbursement in Riverside, California.

Pros of Online Phlebotomy Programs

Flexibility: One of the significant advantages of online phlebotomy programs is flexibility. These courses allow students to set their study schedules, making it perfect for those managing work, family, or other responsibilities. It’s ideal for individuals who might find it challenging to attend traditional classes due to conflicting schedules.

Convenience and Accessibility: Online programs provide the convenience of learning from the comfort of home. They eliminate the need for commuting to a physical campus, saving time and expenses. Moreover, students can access coursework from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cons of Online Phlebotomy Programs

Lack of Hands-On Experience: While online programs offer theoretical knowledge, they might lack practical, hands-on experience. Phlebotomy is a field where practical training is vital, and some online courses may not provide as much practical exposure as traditional in-person training.

Technical Challenges and Interaction: Technology hiccups can pose challenges. Issues such as internet connectivity problems, platform navigation, and limited face-to-face interaction with instructors might affect the learning experience.

Tips for Finding Scholarships or Employer Reimbursement

Research and Apply for Scholarships: Many organizations, healthcare institutions, and even private entities offer scholarships specifically for healthcare-related training, including phlebotomy. Students can research various scholarship opportunities through local hospitals, community foundations, or vocational schools.

Explore Employer Reimbursement: Some employers in the healthcare sector offer tuition reimbursement or sponsorship for further education and training. Students currently employed or looking to join the healthcare industry can inquire about such programs from their potential or current employers.

Federal or State Financial Aid Programs: Investigate federal or state financial aid programs available for vocational or healthcare-related education. Additionally, some training centers or community colleges might offer student loan options or financial aid packages to assist in covering the costs of phlebotomy courses.

Check Accredited Programs: Selecting an accredited program is crucial. Ensure that the chosen program is recognized by relevant certifying bodies to validate the certification earned upon completion of the course. Accredited programs are often more likely to be eligible for scholarships or reimbursement.

Phlebotomist Salaries in Riverside

Looking at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, let’s talk about how phlebotomy salaries in Riverside, California, compare to the national and state averages.

Nationally, phlebotomists earn an average hourly wage of $19.51, which totals an annual salary of about $40,580. When we zoom in on California, the average hourly wage for phlebotomists is notably higher at $24.27, leading to an annual salary of approximately $50,470.

Specifically in Riverside, phlebotomists here earn an average hourly wage of $23.62, resulting in an annual salary of about $49,120. So, while Riverside’s phlebotomy salary is slightly below the state average, it’s higher than the national average.

# of PhlebotomistsHourly WageAnnual Salary
United States 135,500 $19.51 $40,580
California 13,870 $24.27 $50,470
Riverside 1,510 $23.62 $49,120